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            1. Define the dismantling part: Define the dismantling part according to the requirement of construction drawings, make clear marks after checking, and take good product protection measures around the dismantling part.
            2. Installation of support frame: The support frame is made for the beam around the dismantled slab. The bearing weight of the support frame is 2.5 times larger than the self-weight of the dismantled slab.
            3. Removal of floor slab: Floor slab is reinforced concrete slab. Water drilling is used first. The drilling method starts at the side of the main beam. The appropriate size of drilling is 100. There is no spacing drilling. When the drilling hole is continuously opened to 1.5 meters, the drilling hole is suspended. The drilling hole is smashed to the opening position by means of air picks or picks, and then the next step is to use the support frame. After the support is completed, the upper support frame is removed first, and then the drilling hole is continued, so as to circulate until the cast-in-place part is dismantled.
            4. Remove the rest of the floors: use picks and other tools to crush the remaining floors to be demolished at the side of the beam, clean up the slabs to be demolished, check whether the demolished concrete blocks cause damage to other structures or human bodies, transport the demolished concrete blocks to the designated outbound transport site of Party A, set up temporary fences, and do a good job of safety fences at the demolished parts.


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